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Lot Four

Building Three

Proposed maximum building size is 41,875 square feet on 136,116 square feet of land with 94 full size parking stalls including 4 handicap stalls. Building has front loaded warehouse and front loaded office space. By reducing building size, the warehouse can be rear loaded.

Building can be delivered in three ways;

  1. Purchaser acquires lot and Seller will design-build-to-suit the building for the Purchaser. All design, permit and construction costs are paid by the Purchaser and the lot and building belong to the Purchaser at completion.
  2. Seller will design-build the building and lease all, or a portion of the building to the Tenant at current market rates.
  3. Seller will design-build the building and sell, as a condominium, a portion of the building to the Purchaser.

Note: Additional parking may be added by reducing building size within the limits of the approved parking plan of Corvallis Business Park and Corvallis Station.

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